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urbr0kenstar_x's Journal


n i c
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You're more punk, hardcore, mod, straightedge, emo, indie than me. Your hair is cooler, your pants are tighter, you have more tattoos. You have cooler pins on your messenger bag and your favorite band is more obscure than mine. Your shoes are more vintage and so is your t-shirt. You own more black clothes than me. I don't even own a denim jacket. Your glasses are thicker and blacker than mine, the plugs in your ears are bigger. You know more people in bands and your black jelly bracelets are the envy of scenesters everywhere. Your photography is blacker and whiter, your Madradhair profile is wittier, and you have much better soul records. Your tie is whiter, or redder, pinker or blacker. Your scene points are double, perhaps triple, mine.
Because as we all know, that's what really matters. In a scene where the music has taken a backseat to the haircuts, you win and I lose.


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